Suspension Spa

Give back to your bike

Our team is qualified is to service all makes and models of modern bicycle suspension. Have your shocks seen 50 hours on the trails? If so, it's time to hit the Spa!


Rear shock 50-hour service

  • Pre-service settings recorded
  • Complete external clean and inspection
  • Air-can removed, cleaned and internals inspected
  • Complete cleaning and inspection of all components
  • Air Sleeve seals and O-rings replaced
  • Air Spring inflated and damping dialled back to pre-service settings

Front fork 50-hour Service

  • Pre-service settings recorded
  • Complete external inspection
  • Complete disassembly
  • Complete inspection and cleaning of all internal components
  • Replacement of fork seals and dust wipers
  • Rebuilt using premium suspension fluids
  • All functions checked and road-tested
  • Air Spring inflated and damping dialled back to pre-service settings

TALAS 150-hour Service

  • A complete 50-hour fork service
  • Disassembly of Talas cartridge
  • Complete internal inspection and cleaning
  • Reassembly using premium suspension fluids

150-hour Specialized BRAIN and Mini-BRAIN Shock Service

To keep your BRAIN functioning properly, it is recommended to have a complete overhaul completed every 150 hours of riding time. This overhaul is performed in Melbourne at the Specialized Service Center. If you can drop your bike off on a Monday we generally can have your shock serviced and returned ready to ride by Friday.

Custom suspension tuning

Depending on where you ride or how you ride, you may find the factory standard settings of your suspension components aren’t delivering the ride quality you had hoped.¬†Regardless¬†of brand or model, we can organise custom suspension tuning with most manufacturers which will completely¬†change the feel or attitude of your bike.

The types of adjustments that can be made vary greatly, so the first step is to have a chat with one of our suspension techs.

30 Day Riding Guarantee

30 Day Riding Guarantee

We are proud of our repair quality so we guarantee our service work for 30 days from completion. * This includes adjustments made to account for cable stretch, adjustments in spoke tension, or noise resulting from settling in of new components. These adjustments can be done on-the-spot with no appointment necessary.