Perfect for exercising, commuting, or hitting the open road

The Vita delivers the best of both worlds. It’s a speedy performer that can eat miles with the best of them at a local charity ride or as part of your exercise plan, but can also see you owning the bike lane while commuting to work.

Flat bar = confidence

The Specialized Vita: comfortable enough for recreational rides, but packs enough performance for the occasional event or triathlon. This versatile flat-bar road bike is designed specifically for women riders, with a lightweight and fast aluminium frame and Body Geometry contact points under the feet, hands, and seat.

Time to get out there!

The Vita represents a great first road bike for new riders looking to test the waters and see what cycling is all about. The flat handlebar and upright riding position mean are designed for stability and control, along with the ability to see clearly ahead in the direction you’re riding. This helps deliver a confident riding experience where riders can easily handle any situation encountered on the road or bike path.

Do I need aluminium or carbon?

Both materials are very important in bicycle construction, for very good reasons. Aluminium components are lightweight, delivering an efficient fast ride while not costing an arm and a leg. On the downside, aluminium is also quite stiff and tends to transfer most vibration from the road into the rider. Carbon fibre, on the other hand, can be used to control how vibration travels through a bicycle frame, making the experience much smoother and comfortable for the rider.

Select Vita models combine an aluminium main frame with a carbon front fork: the ultimate combination of speed, comfort and value for money. But, while considering frame materials is important, there is a lot more to consider than just what the bike’s made out of.  Pop into the store or drop us a call/e-mail and let us help you find your ideal bike.

The Vita Video