Road Heart, City Soul

Rocket on the road. Speed in the city. Sirrus doesn’t discriminate, letting riders attack both with style. Combining the heart of the world’s best road bikes with a flat-bar, urban-friendly form, Sirrus redefines the notion of versatility.

Are you Sirrus?

There’s no better start to a workday then commuting on your bike, and there’s no better bike to commute on than a Sirrus. Exceptionally fast, lightweight, and responsive, the Sirrus delivers a unique riding experience through pairing the thrill of a road bike with the stability and confident handling of a mountain bike.

Most Sydney commutes require manoeuvring through a complex network of roads, footpaths and cycleways making slow speed stability a requirement for any good commuter. As the frame geometry of the Sirrus is designed exclusively for flat handlebars, the relatively upright riding position keeps your eyes looking up the road getting you from A to B safely.

Do any Sirrus models have disc brakes?

Yes! Most of the Sirrus models are available in either disc or V-brake model. Keep in mind however that disc brakes are not perfect for everyone. Disc brakes have an extreme amount of braking torque, so it is also important the tires have lots of braking traction on the road. Most the disc-equipped models come with wider tyres giving the bike the traction it needs, while the V-brake models can get away with smaller tyres to reduce rolling resistance and increasing speed. So if you have a heavy rider weight by carrying extra gear either on the bike or on your back, ride rain or shine, are particularly rough on wheels, disc brakes are the perfect option to go for. If you want a faster, smoother bike, pick a V-Brake.

The Sirrus Video