Your perfect riding partner

Nothing makes this bike happier than going long. With its FACT carbon frame—built with endurance in mind—the Ruby delivers confident handling and a comfortable, fatigue-free ride, making it the perfect choice for Gran Fondos, training rides, or weekend adventures out of town and into the hills

Focus on what’s really important: Having fun!

The perfect bike for a perfect day. For riders who want to maximise their enjoyment on the bike, the Ruby is the ideal choice. Whether it’s a multi-day charity tour or just a weekend roll through the National Park, the exceptional comfort of the Ruby means you can focus on what’s really important: Having fun!

Every Ruby frame is built entirely of carbon fiber which most riders would associate with ‘lightness’. Yes, while the Ruby carbon frame does make it very lightweight, most of the magic comes from the combination of  incredible smoothness, exceptional efficiency, and overall rider comfort and enjoyment.

Not all carbon is the same…

While some carbon bikes look similar on the outside, the attention to detail is all hidden beneath the shiny paintwork. The most basic element of a carbon frame looks like a sheet of fabric. It’s thin and flexible, looking hardly like something you could create a bicycle out of. The engineers at Specialized obsess over this simple material trying to work out how different combinations of these “sheets” together ultimate will create a structure with the characteristics they desire. It’s a tough job, but with plenty of time, coffee, and the most driven and innovative talent on their side, the end result is always impressive!

The Ruby’s design combines an exceptionally smooth ride with high efficiency and speed.  The Ruby is all about unparalleled comfort and enjoyment. Get out there and enjoy the ride!

The Ruby Video