Nothing is smoother and faster

When called to arms, the classic-winning Roubaix reacts as though simply an extension of mind and body. Pros like Tom Boonen – who rode his Roubaix SL4 to a record equalling 4th Paris-Roubaix victory in 2012 – and 2014 Tour winner Vincenzo Nibali count on its smooth ride and responsive handling to get the job done

 The ‘Big Easy’

The inspiration for the Roubaix came original from the Mike Sinyard, President and Founder of Specialized Bicycle Components, and a little ride known in Specialized circles as “The Big Easy.” Starting at Specialized HQ in Morgan Hill California, Mike sets off with anyone who is brave enough towards Santa Cruz on the California coastline. The route meanders across a seemingly endless sea of rolling hills, a few grueling climbs up the 1,000m Santa Cruz Mountains, and occasional dirt road all under the shade of the California’s coastal redwood trees. Once arriving on the coast after 100+kms, and a quick rest next to the Pacific Ocean, Mike leads the group back over the mountains towards home. Not everyone who starts the “Big Easy” always finishes, but it’s a journey no-one ever forgets.

While The Big Easy represents the ultimate endurance ride, the Roubaix represents the ultimate endurance road bike. With a super-light carbon frame designed to kill fatigue inducing vibration and shock from the road while maintaining race-bike responsiveness and liveliness, the Roubaix is designed to pump out kilometre after kilometre.

So effective is the Roubaix at blending both a smooth ride with unparalleled efficiency and speed, that it has been ridden to victory four times in one of the world’s most hellish one day races, the Paris-Roubaix.


The magical ride quality of the Roubaix’s vibration damping frame is the result of innovative carbon construction along with the incorporation of some materials usually not seen in road bike frames. Most notable are the “Zertz” inserts. Inspired by the vibration dampers used on tennis racquets, the “Zertz” change the frequency of fatigue inducing vibration both from the front and rear wheels delivering an exceptionally smooth feel through the riders hands and seat.

The brakes the pros can’t have

For years, road riders have questioned why road bikes don’t feature hydraulic disc brakes. The Roubaix now answers that question – because it can. The disc-equipped Roubaix models provide powerful, consistent braking in all conditions, so that you can be certain you’ll always keep control whatever the weather.

The Roubaix Video