Most advanced cross bike ever

Competitive riders who live for the fun and fury of cross racing or who want a durable tool for their winter training rides will find all the speed, strength, and quick handling they need in the CruX—master of adverse off-road conditions.

Built for 45 minutes of anaerobic hell, the CruX is a thoroughbred cyclocross race bike. Disc brakes and a super-fast and nimble frame, designed both ride up a hill or to be hoisted to your shoulder for a run up, it’s a tough bike for a tough race.

Through sheer accident, the CruX re-invented long held traditional beliefs regarding cyclocross frame geometry. Before the CruX, tradition said that cross bikes should always have a high bottom bracket height (how high the pedals are from the ground), and all cross frame designers followed this rule without much question. In the early days of the CruX’s incubation in the Specialized design labs, the geometry fell in line with tradition.

That is until one day a prototype frame was built, completely by accident, with the same bottom bracket height as the Tarmac, its road race cousin. The ride quality and cornering was so exceptional, it was clear the “mistake” had created something incredible: a cross bike that corners like a road bike! As it turns out, the reason for the high bottom bracket dates back to the days before cleats when traditional toe cages which used to hang off pedals. If the pedals were too low, the cages would catch on the ground if pedaling.

Riding a CruX today is a wild experience. It’s fast and playful, yet capable of going absolutely anywhere.

The CruX Video