All out speed

The AMIRA is a no-nonsense thoroughbred—designed for women's racing and always quick to react. Its stiff, lightweight SL4 frame cranks up the speed dial for fast accelerations, while the tapered headtube delivers precise steering and handling for carving corners or dominating tricky descents.

Beautiful and powerful

Ultra fast and ultra light – for the woman who wants to win. Taking the Arabic word for “princess” as its name, our Amira is built for speed. Using Specialized SL4 construction along with unique design elements of its own, , the Amira represents one of Specialized’s greatest carbon achievements: a mind-blowingly light frame, unparalleled stiffness and speed, all the while maintaining a smooth and confident ride.

While utilising the same philosophy of Women’s Specific Geometry seen in the Ruby and Dolce, the Amira’s geometry is tweaked to amplify responsiveness and maneuverability. Expect unbridled acceleration when sprinting out of the saddle as well as exceptional cornering stability and control. The Amira is available in a huge size range and achieving a comfortable fit is possible for virtually any height rider.

The Amira Video