The Process

Every fit, regardless of riding experience or style of bike, follows the same scientifically proven method to achieve your ideal position over a two to three hour appointment in our dedicated Fit Studio.

Pre-fit interview

Each fit begins with a detailed interview of your riding and injury history, along with a discussion regarding your personal goals on the bike and intended cycling experience. Learning all we can about you and your bike helps us as fitters to address every element that affects your fit, as well as helping to sharpen our focus during the next stage, Body Geometry’s unique 20-step Physical Assessment.

20-step Physical Assessment

This series of evaluations produces an accurate picture of your flexibility and other physical attributes that will determine your final riding position. Assessments include foot structure, knee position, spinal curvatures, and hip flexion among many others.

Fitting and adjustments

Only after we have learned all we can about you as a rider, do we start adjusting your position on the bike. To achieve the ideal position, we combine detailed observation of you powering the bike with the information gathered during the interview and Physical Assessment. Beginning with a side view analysis and our unique adjustable stem tool, we are able to explore a virtually limitless range of fit possibilities ensuring the most neutral body position possible.

After establishing a neutral Side-View position, we analyze and adjust hip/knee/foot alignment from the front and back of the bike ensuring you as a rider are delivering maximum efficiency and power while reducing the chance of injury or strain.


Once the adjustments are complete, you and your fitter will establish a follow-up schedule to ensure a comfortable transition into using your new position on the road. A one hour Follow-Up session in the Studio, approximately three weeks after your initial fit, along with unlimited phone/e-mail consultations are included in the price of your initial fit.

Documenting and records

We take recording the measurements of your bike before and after your fit very seriously. Your fitter will start by recording every element of your bike’s set-up before any adjustments are made. Following your fit, your bike will be measured with our exceptionally accurate X/Y tool. In this way we can not only record your new position with millimeter accuracy, but can the replicate it again and again whether it be the same of different bike. You will receive an electronic copy of these measurements in a report detailing both before and after position along with the results from your physical assessment and interview.